Strange problem with msvc in kdepimlibs/kcal

Alexander Petrov zowers at
Fri Jul 21 23:42:01 BST 2006

Hi, there
On 21 July 2006 10:05 Christian Ehrlicher wrote:
> The output with gcc:
> D - Recurrence::Observer::Observer()

> and msvc:
> A - RecurrenceRule::Observer::Observer
> As you can see, different constructors are called.
> In my understanding, both of them are correct. But I don't know what the
> c++ standard says about such an ambiguity.

Recurrence::Observer class name hides inherited 
RecurrenceRule::Observer::Observer() name, so gcc is definetly right and msvc 
is wrong.

> Any ideas how this could be solved without renaming one of the classes?

try virtual inheritance

> Christian

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