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Tue Jul 18 23:08:57 BST 2006

Allen Winter wrote:
>The KDE_NO_EXPORT is no more cruft than a comment saying "Please do no
> make this class visible because it is private and I want to keep it
> that way..." or using the @internal doxygen tag.
>We need some method to tag a public class as "invisible".
>Then we don't have bug the developers asking... are the following
>classes supposed to be invisible outside the library or did you just
>forget to put on the XXXX_EXPORT macro?
>We can do that with a comment, a doxygen tag, or the KDE_NO_EXPORT
> macro. Which would we prefer?

If you put it in the code instead of in the comment, there's a chance that 
some source code parser will freak out.

Granted, there aren't many.

But the point is: there is no problem here to be solved unless we create 
the problem by requiring the KDE_NO_EXPORT macro to be used. There's no 
harm in forgetting the macro in a class: no one is going to be able to 
use it. That's all.

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