Problem compiling kdelibs from trunk

Dmitry Suzdalev dimsuz at
Mon Jul 17 17:02:03 BST 2006


kdelibs' trunk doesn't compile for me both at work (gcc 4.0.2, Suse) and at 
home (gcc 3.4.4, Gentoo).
In both cases the same error appears:

/home/kde-devel/KDE-SVN/kdelibs/kdecore/knotifyclient.cpp:90: error: 'class 
QDBusReply<void>' has no member named 'isValid'

I use qt-4.2-TP from qt-copy. I haven't run apply_patches there. Could this be 
a problem?

dbus is 0.62. And no old qtdbus code from kdesupport present - I just wiped it 
out completely :).

By looking at source (in qdbusreply.h) I can see that there's template 
specialization - QDBusReply<void>, and, yes it has no member named isValid().
But non-specialized version has.
Who's wrong g++, code or me? ;)

Am I the only one experiencing such an error? :)


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