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mETz mETz81 at web.de
Mon Jul 17 00:35:07 BST 2006

On Sunday July 16 2006 16:15, Laurent Montel wrote:
> Hi,
> -> kdeaddons: noatun plugins (noatun not ported)

Some can be removed but for now I'd just keep them out of the build process.

>                           kicker-applet/mediacontrol

I want to generalize this into some dbus service so other apps can control 
media-players through it without the need to reinvent the wheel for every 
player on earth. The frontend will be a plasmoid instead of a kicker-applet I 
Because I'm the maintainer I will take care of this as soon as I find all 
parts of kdelibs/kdebase working for the rewrite (i.e. plasma stuff and kded 
+ dbus).

> -> kdemultimedia: kaboodle (dead or not ?)

probably dead but Charles had the idea to base a kpart on libnoatun (see next) 
which could replace kaboodle. I'm not sure if he still has interest in this 
though :/

>                                   noatun (dead or not ?)

There's the "make it snow" branch which is a heavily modularized rewrite of 
noatun. The branch started in KDE 3 so it needs to be ported to KDE 4 and 
merged back into trunk.
Unfortunately I'm still quite busy with my bachelor thesis. If everything goes 
well I'll have an internship in september which will give me some free time 
in the evenings (and a weekly plan I can rely on).

>                                   xine_artsplugin (dead ?)

arts is probably not used for KDE 4 and so is this plugin.

>                             ksirc (replace it ?)

But which application will replace it? Ok, there's konversation but when I 
last looked at the code it seemed to be a bit messy (no offense intended, my 
own code suffers from similar problems very often). Maybe some helping hands 
could clean things up while porting it, it has the nicer UI, that's for sure.

> -> kdeutils: kdelirc

If lirc wasn't such a bitch... :(
Maybe this could be a job ob khotkeys in the future (maybe as a plugin so 
khotkeys does not depend on liblirc)?

>                     klaptopdeamon

Maybe powersaved and kpowersave can replace this. As my laptop is more or less 
broken I cannot check this, kpowersave looks more userfriendly though.

>                     kmilo

Was a great app on my thinkpad but it could need a cleanup (sucks to see all 
supported laptop brands as unique kcontrol modules).

>                     superkaramba (dbus port)

AFAIK it's becoming part of plasma.

Stefan aka mETz
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