kde4 application disable to compile for the moment

Melchior FRANZ mfranz at kde.org
Sun Jul 16 18:01:07 BST 2006

* Thomas Zander -- Sunday 16 July 2006 18:31:
> I guess you didn't find the (now dead) snapshot of kdelibs if you had so 
> many problems.

I did find it, and it compiled most of the time. So did qt-copy (I only
considered the non-working apply_patches a bad sign and didn't bother
to compile anything else when I noticed it). kdebase did never compile,
and it were parts that I considered essential before investing any time
for trivialities in other modules. And I assume that more people just
waited for the basics to work again. Even though one might have been
able to test them without. It was just a sign that KDE is *far* from
being usable, so why bother? To the day there was no announcement that
kdelibs/kdebase are good enough and porting of other stuff makes sense
now. People already got used to waiting for things to settle down. They
need to be awaken, and better not with a threat of their stuff being
thrown out soon, because they were too "lazy".   ;-)


PS: first didn't come through, because kmail had forgotten the list
    sender address

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