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Dirk Mueller mueller at
Sat Jul 15 22:21:07 BST 2006

On Saturday, 15. July 2006 22:44, Dirk Mueller wrote:

> My biggest concern right now though is that there doesn't seem to be a way
> to put the default temp file location into KStandardDirs "temp" ressource -
> it seems to default to QDir::tempPath(), which can neither be configured
> nor respects KDETMP or TMP environment variables. If it does make sense to
> keep that KStandardDirs way of doing things around for KDE 4 is a totally
> different topic though, which I'm undecided about.

Oh, I have another issue: With the limited API of QTemporaryFile, it will be 
close to impossible to implement KSaveFile on top of it. So we gain exactly 
nothing by using Qt's class.


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