qdbus on windows

Peter K├╝mmel syntheticpp at gmx.net
Sat Jul 15 08:31:38 BST 2006

Paulo Jorge Guedes wrote:
> I did everything again but same error:
> - unziped Qt 4.2 TP
> - applied patches from qt-copy
> - built Qt
> - replace with qdbus folder the original one in the Qt tree
> - call "qmake -recursive" in tools/qdbus
> - build in tools/qdbus
> The one that is giving me trouble is "tools/qdbus/src/Makefile.debug" on line 502:
> tmp\moc_qdbusconnection_p.cpp: qdbuserror.h \
> 		..\..\..\include\QtDBus\qdbusmacros.h \
> [...]
> 		"c:\Program Files\dbus\include\dbus\dbus.h" \
> 		"c:\Program Files\dbus\include\dbus\dbus-arch-deps.h" \
> 		"c:\Program Files\dbus\include\dbus\dbus-macros.h" \
> [...]

Looks quite similar here, but maybe the space
in the path to dbus is the reason.

So I've tried to reproduce it here:
and yes it is the space in "Program Files".

When you move dbus into other folder without
a space in the path then it should work.

You could also use the dos name (dir /x):
set DBUSDIR=c:\progra~1\dbus

Maybe we should report it to Trolltech as bug
But it is also possible that it is a mingw issue
or my changes to src.pro are not 100% correct:
win32:INCLUDEPATH += . $$(DBUSDIR)/include


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