relative install paths in cmake

Jason Harris kstars at
Thu Jul 13 15:15:32 BST 2006


I posted this on kde-devel a few days ago, but it didn't get a response there.

In my CMakeCache.txt file (in kdeedu), there are three installation path 
variables giving me trouble: LIBEXEC_INSTALL_DIR, LIB_INSTALL_DIR, and 
PLUGIN_INSTALL_DIR.  For example, the LIBEXEC one looks like this:

//The subdirectory relative to the install prefix where libraries
// will be installed (default is /lib)

and the other two are similar (i.e., these are the only three whose comment 
description claims them to be a relative path).

The problem is, "make install" tries to install stuff under 
"/lib/kde4/libexec", NOT $INSTALL_PREFIX/lib/kde4/libexec.  So they aren't 
really relative paths, despite the description.  Since my user doesn't have 
permission to write in /lib, "make install" fails.

I work around this by editing these variables by hand in CMakeCache.txt to 
include the full path to the target directory; is there a better solution?  
Is this problem limited to kdeedu?  Maybe we have something set incorrectly.


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