KConfig and KConfigBackEnd patch to allow arbitrary number of config files

Adam Treat treat at kde.org
Sun Jul 9 21:59:10 BST 2006

BTW, I just figured out how we're going to write the unsafe (see hard coded 
paths) to the hidden directory project file instead of the  -- sharing 
safe -- global project file ;)

We can add a KDevConfigSkeleton class that reimplements the 'virtual 
writeConfig()' method completely.  It'll cycle through the items and for 
those items marked as 'nonshareable' it'll force the item to write to the 
hidden directory file instead.  And we'll mark items by reading in a 
local.kdev4 file that is installed with each .kfcg file that provides a 
simple list of the nonshareable setting names.

On Sunday 09 July 2006 3:17 pm, Adam Treat wrote:
> Hey All,
> The patch allows us add arbitrary number of config files to the global
> KConfig object in KDevelop...  With this we can have the following config
> files for a kdevelop4 instance:
> 1. $KDEINSTALL/share/config/kdeveloprc|kdeglobals
> 2. $USER/.kde/share/config/kdeveloprc
> 4. $PROJECTDIR/.kdev4/$PROJECTNAME.kdev4
> The most specific file would be #3 and #4... depending upon the particular
> setting we're talking about.
> This will give us seemless configuration options throughout.  In other
> words, we can specify per project values for every setting that kdevelop4
> offers. And if we take special care to make sure hard paths and such go in
> the hidden directory... we can pass around project files :)
> Please review the patch carefully.  It works for me when I add calls
> like...
> m_config->config()->addFileToMergeStack(
> "/home/kde/trunk/KDE/kdevelop/global.kdev4" );
> m_config->config()->addFileToMergeStack(
> "/home/kde/trunk/KDE/kdevelop/.kdevelop/local.kdev4" );
> ... in kdevelop's new kdevcmodule.cpp constructor.
> The idea is to have ONE global configuration dialog that will have
> different modes depending upon when you open it.  If you open it without a
> project loaded it will write to #2.  If you open it with a project loaded
> it will change the top level menu item from 'Configure KDevelop' to
> 'Configure Project' and will write to #3 and #4.
> Plugin writers won't have to worry about any of that as it will be done
> automatically by the kdevelop framework and KConfigXT.  Just write your
> KDevCModule and you're done.
> Once committed, I'll go ahead and hook this up to the project loading and
> we'll be in business :)
> Adam

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