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Ingo Klöcker kloecker at
Sun Jul 2 20:56:18 BST 2006

On Sunday 02 July 2006 21:08, Hamish Rodda wrote:
> Hi,
> Please see the following document created at Trysil about improving
> XMLGUI (actually, mostly replacing it, but preserving + improving
> features):
> Feedback encouraged :)

Two comments (aka shortcomings of the current framework):

- It would be nice if the user's toolbar configuration wouldn't be lost 
each time we decide to increase the version number of the ui file. A 
possible solution would be explicitely marking actions as hidden 
instead of removing them from the ui file. This way a new version of 
the ui file could be merged much easier with the user's version. Even 
better would be some kind of diff between the different versions, i.e. 
something like "Action Foo was added", "Action Bar was moved from menu 
X to menu Y", etc.

- Will the new framework include configurability of context menus? If 
yes, then this would allow us to strip down the context menus in e.g. 
KMail by removing all actions that are seldomly used by normal users 
(I'm counting on the usability team to tell us which actions we should 
remove). Power users could then still put everything they want into 
their context menus. And we could close all those wishlist items a la 
"I need this and that in the context menu".

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