CMake KDE release

Dirk Mueller mueller at
Mon Jan 30 13:54:31 GMT 2006

On Monday 30 January 2006 08:26, Simon Hausmann wrote:

> correctly, then cmake doesn't even warn about the typo in the above
> construct because the condition in ELSE is actually evaluated! That's a
> recipe for bugs.

I guess that can be fixed though..

> 3) It makes the rules harder to read. Clearly
>     foo()
>     bar()
> is more readable than

Depends on foo(). if its just one line, then yes, but if foo() is a 100 lines 
chunk of stuff, then the 2nd construct is indeed easier to read. 

> For someone trying to learn the KDE platform it does not matter whether the
> build system uses a full fledged programming language or just some
> descriptive configuration file syntax. What matters is that the syntax is
> intuitive and consistent.

Oh, then we should stick with the old style descriptions ;)


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