Error with KPassivePopup and OS X compiles

André Wöbbeking Woebbeking at
Mon Jan 30 11:42:51 GMT 2006

On Monday 30 January 2006 11:58, Lubos Lunak wrote:
> On Monday 30 January 2006 03:11, Tanner Lovelace wrote:

> > Can anyone suggest a course of action here?  How many times is the
> > KPassivePopup constructor called?  This could be resolved just by
> > removing the default argument for QWidget* in the second
> > constructor, but that might be a huge job to change all the
> > instances that call it if there are lots of them.
>  We can't do anything about it for 3.5 because of binary
> compatibility, so there the only fix can be altering the calls so
> that they're not ambiguous.
>  IMHO for KDE4 the solution should be moving KPassivePopup from kdeui
> to knotify as I don't see why any app should need to use it directly.

I'm not sure if KPassivePopup would be used for this but imagine a 
lineedit to enter mail addresses which validates the input and popups a 
small window next to the lineedit in error case with a description what 
is wrong (this was discussed on pim mailing list).


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