libxklavier translation (was: Re: is new lib dependency possible for 3.5.2?)

Jens Herden jens at
Mon Jan 30 02:13:45 GMT 2006

> So for KDE4, I suppose that we could use directly the library and ask the
> translators to translate libxklavier directly at

AFAIK the translation is hosted somewhere else (on SourceForge?) not on

> Again an alternative would perhaps be a KDE-specific xfree86.xml purged of
> translations.

Please don't do this! Pulling configuration files into KDE does not make sense 
at all, they will always be in danger to be out of sync. 
I would say the right way is to use the translations from xfree86.xml (or 
base.xml?) and only in case there is none use what KDE offers. Others are 
using the same file and translations too. So we should not create our own 
maybe different translations. 

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