is new lib dependency possible for 3.5.2?

Michael Pyne michael.pyne at
Sun Jan 29 21:48:47 GMT 2006

On Sunday 29 January 2006 14:31, Leo Savernik wrote:
> Am Samstag, 28. Januar 2006 02:10 schrieb Matt Rogers:
> > On Friday 27 January 2006 11:05, Leo Savernik wrote:
> > > Am Freitag, 27. Januar 2006 14:49 schrieb Andriy Rysin:
> > > > libxklavier is used in GNOME
> > >
> > > Does it depend on glib?
> > >
> > > mfg
> > > 	Leo
> >
> > why does this even matter?
> Ever asked on gnome-devel-list to introduce a dependency on QtCore?

Ah, so this is a tit-for-tat arrangement?

"You depend on our library and we'll depend on 2 of yours."

It was almost be a nice argument except that, for whatever reason those 
Kuh-raaaazay GNOME guys have decided that they want their base libs coded in 
C.  I'm sure you already know how difficult it can be to use C++ code with no 
C bindings from C.

On the other hand, using C code from C++ is often merely annoying, and can 
sometimes even be just a slight chore with a few decent C++ wrappers of C 

In other words, it is easier for us to depend on a C library than it is for 
them to depend on a C++ library.

And besides, QtCore does so much just by itself that we'd really have to 
depend on about half of GNOME's libs to make it a tit-for-tat arrangement if 
they were to depend on QtCore.

 - Michael Pyne
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