SuperKaramba patches before 3.5.1 tag.

Matt Rogers mattr at
Tue Jan 17 19:53:16 GMT 2006

On Tue, Jan 17, 2006 at 01:38:06PM -0500, R. wrote:
> I have some user submitted patches that address some bugs and shortcomings of SuperKaramba.  5-6 of the items addressed are bugfix related which I have no problem committing.  Some others are somewhat feature rich.  
> Here's the original patch posting:
> A related/dup bug:
> New functions added to the SK API are as follows:
> setWidgetOnTop - changes 'on top' status
> getSystraySize - Get the size of the Systray
> getPrettyThemeName - Get the pretty name of the theme
> openNamedTheme - Open a new theme giving it a new name
> callTheme - Pass a string to another theme
> changeInterval - Change the refresh interval of the theme
> run - Execute a command with KRun
> createServiceClickArea - Create a Service-named Click Area Sensor
> removeClickArea - Remove a Click Area Sensor
> setUpdateTime - Set last updated time
> getUpdateTime - Get last updated time
> setWantRightButton - Set to 1 to deactivate management popups (i.e. SK right click config menu)
> managementPopup - Activates the Management Popup menu (i.e. SK right click config menu)
> getServiceGroups - Get KDE Service Groups
> getIncomingData - Get incoming data passed from another theme
> setIncomingData - Set incoming data passed in another theme
> My reason for the email is that although I want to accept the patches to the fullest, I do not want to cause any problems for the release maintainers.  Please comment on if I have the go ahead for partial or complete inclusion of the fixes/features these patches provide.  Currently the patches do not effect any existing themes as I've been running with them for the last day or so and tested against our examples.  Test themes for the new functionality have already been written as well.
> Sincerely,
> Ryan Nickell

As long as there are no new strings, I don't see problems with
committing them.

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