is new lib dependency possible for 3.5.2?

Andriy Rysin arysin at
Sun Jan 29 16:02:26 GMT 2006

Nicolas Goutte wrote:
> On Saturday 28 January 2006 04:28, Andriy Rysin wrote:
>> sorry for multiple messages early - my SMTP was telling me my message
>> was not sent :(
>> Andriy
>> Nicolas Goutte wrote:
>>> Do you thing that you would need new user-visible messages? Many of them?
>> I do not THING a thing unless that thing requires to be THINGed :)
> :)
> If you hae to add some new user-visible strings, then please keep the 
> kde-i18n-doc mailing list informed. (I do not think that adding a few new 
> strings would be a problem, as you do not seem to have much choice.)
well, for 3.5.2 I don't plan any new features and planned changes will 
be mostly in xkb config parser so I don't think new messages for 
translation would appear. As for the KDE4, of course there'll be new 
messages but I think it should not be a problem.
But there's another question here. New xkb config in XML (available 
since 4.3 and which will be used if libxklavier is in) has translations 
for layouts, models etc. Currently all those are translated with 
I18N_NOOP, so the question is whether we want to use old way of 
translating everything via KDE I18N_NOOP or should we try to find native 
xorg translations first?
Advantage of the former is keeping all translations synchronized. While 
advantage of the latter is if there's new version of xorg and new 
strings KDE does not know about yet we'll have native xorg translation.
We could probably do hybrid model with KDE translations taking higher 
precedence and falling back to xorg i18n strings if it's new for KDE.


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