KMDI is dead! Long live KMDI!

Jarosław Staniek js at
Fri Jan 27 21:44:01 GMT 2006

Roland Krause said the following, On 2006-01-27 22:16:

> I am mostly talking about a port of KMDI to be Qt-3 only, so that I can
> use it on a Windows project. The necessary cleanup will allow a forward
> port to Qt4. 

Even if on win32 I am interested in pure KDE apps, this could be reasonable to 
have the same new KMDI (or in 99%) API for KDE3 and KDE4. I don't know how 
this could scale down to Qt-only projects.

> Afaict, and I have not looked very closely at Qt4, Qt4 has nothing that
> can be a drop in replacement for either tab-page mode, windows-mode or
> ideal mode. It's basically the same minimum functionality approach that
> Qt3 had.

"Tab-page" mode can be considered as redundant. Let's keep things "minimal 

IIRC, Qt4 co-author(s) from TT mentioned (at least in Malaga) QMain is/can be 
flexible enough to implement IDEAl interface on top of it inside its main area 
by placing tabs.

Question to the Trolls (CC'd to core-devel): is this true or I've missed 

OTOH: One thing that could (I hope not) make Qt4's QMainWindow not enough is a 
plan for extending KDE4 toolbars (see MS Ribbon).

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