kdevelop (Re: Proposal to plan for "Milestone Releases" on the way to KDE4)

Alan Ezust alan.ezust at gmail.com
Thu Jan 26 19:47:39 GMT 2006

First, I don't use either kdevelop or kwrite very much yet.
I really want to - but I found jEdit to be much easier to customize
and get it to do what I need, even for C++ development.

KDevelop could be the "eclipse" for C++. And kwrite could be the jedit.
But before that can happen, we need a few basic features.

1. shortcuts -

  a.  When you edit shortcuts, you should see *ALL* shortcuts, not
just the ones for   your application - that should include ALL parts
that are included.
Perhaps as a pull-down menu or tabs, to jump to the other parts. but
it should all be in one dialog.

  b.  There should be an "import" and an "export" button when you are
editing shortcuts, allowing you to load/save to a textfile that's easy
to read/edit.

2. plugins -

   It would be nice if it was possible to dynamically load/unload
plugins in Kdevelop without restarting kdevelop (and same goes for
   This is one of the really wonderful things about
   jedit - you can test your plugin, and edit it, rebuild it, and
reload the plugin
   without exiting jedit. If I could do that with kdevelop, my
productivity would
   be GREATLY improved.

Once these two things are done in kdelibs/kate, it would be a
*pleasure* for me to develop plugins for kdevelop/kate. And then we
could roll the plugins into kdevelop after they've been tested and

It takes me soooo long to do any kind of kdevelop development at the
moment, it's really sad.

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