Proposal to plan for "Milestone Releases" on the way to KDE4

Anders Lund anders at
Thu Jan 26 12:46:21 GMT 2006

On Thursday 26 January 2006 02:03, Alexander Dymo wrote:
> > For what it's worth, the single reason I keep using XEmacs (even though I
> > do keep an eye on kdevelop) is code formatting. KDevelop loses against
> > xemacs at the first curly brace I type.
> We rely on kate part for automatic code formatting. But "static" source
> reformatter we have in KDevelop indeed sucks.

Improving that is on our TODO in the kate team so your ideas, comments and 
requirements will be wellcome on kwrite-devel@

One of the improvements we have in mind is to make the indenting configurable, 
so that you can tell the indenter where to insert line breaks and where you 
want indentation.

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