kdevelop features ( Re: Proposal to plan for "Milestone Releases" on the way to KDE4 )

Carsten Niehaus cniehaus at kde.org
Thu Jan 26 07:13:51 GMT 2006

Am Donnerstag, 26. Januar 2006 07:29 schrieb Adam Treat:
> Either way, I'm glad we're having this discussion, because I really feel
> that improving KDevelop and our development tools in general could lead to
> more interest and more developers.

Adam, why don't you compile a couple of questions and ask the developers  
questions like in this thread. I guess you'd get some good results.

To answer in this thread:

It seems mpyne and me have a very similar workflow, so what he told you is 
true for as well. Other great things in vim:

,i       <-- Add includeguards in the .h-file
,d      <-- Add a kdDebug() call like this:

void Foo::bar( const QString& buff )
	kdDebug() << "Foo::Bar()" << endl;

,h      <-- Switch between .h and .cpp-file
,c      <-- comment the current line of code with //X
,u      <-- uncomment the current line of code

The two last work also on codeblocks, of course. All these ,$LETTER commands 
only work if you use the kde-vim.vim-script in kdesdk, but I guess ever 
kde-devel using vim knows about it ;-)

Ok, pure vim features:

==          indent

=%         indent the codeblock (eg from { to }  )

gg=G      indent the whole file

c$            remove to the end of the line and change to insert mode

c}	remove the rest of the method and change to insert mode

C-v	Blockediting (I was once told kate can also do blockediting, but I never 
found out how...)

Macros are very easy to do

dd	Remove current line

C-z make		Go back on the shell and start make (actually, key-up will always
 have "unsermake -p" so it is "ctrl-z,key-up,enter" (and yes, I know 
about :make and :set makeprg=unsermake)

Ok, I could go on for another five page, but those are probably the most 
important features I am missing in kate/kdevelop. I am sure some can be done 
in kdevelop as well. Some perhaps even with easy shortcuts. KDevelop is 
really great, but you would have to add at least most of these features in a 
easy get-out-of-the-way way to convince me :)

Oh, one thing that vim will never be good at: good integration of Valgrind and 
gdb. If you'd integrate them in kdevelop in way that even I understand 
valgrind and gdb I would at least use it for that. I know both are somehow 
integrated but I didn't figure out how to use them (last time I checked was 
the kdevelop of kde 3.3.x).

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