Proposal to plan for "Milestone Releases" on the way to KDE4

Jason Harris kstars at
Tue Jan 24 22:12:34 GMT 2006


On Tuesday 24 January 2006 21:30, Kurt Pfeifle wrote:
>   * How do you plan to handle the time until KDE4 has become
>     a platform to base your projects on?
>   * Do you expect to be porting your own app to KDE4/Qt4 already
>     within the next 4 weeks?
Hmm.  I started porting KStars to KDE4 in October.  Well, actually, we did a 
huge refactoring first, so I guess actual port-to-KDE4 work didn't start 
until December or so.  Still, it was always my impression that app developers 
could (and should) start porting to Qt4 immediately, once the 
kdelibs4_snapshots started appearing.  So I'm a bit surprised to hear that we 
were supposed to be holding off waiting for kdelibs to stabilize.  I guess 
I've found it stable enough (then again, KStars isn't KOffice :)

Anyway, I finally got KStars to compile completely a few days ago!  It's so 
nice to see it running again :) 

>   * Do you intend to switch your activities to directly contribute
>     to KDE4/kdelibs/core technologies development, and leave your
>     app resting for the time being? (Sure, this would be *great*
>     because the current group busy already in KDE4 porting feel
>     they can use many more heads and brains. But I've also heard
>     some of you just do not like it, or don't feel competent in
>     that field...)
I don't feel qualified to work on kdelibs.

>   * Or do you rather plan for continuing several more months
>     development on the KDE3 platform? If so, do you feel you could
>     benefit bing part of a joint "KDE 2006 Application Release"
>     marketing campaign?
I think now that I have an executable kstars for kde4, I'd rather work on 
perfecting it, rather than participate in the 2006 Application Release based 
on KDE3.  It's the usual story: I already have too few hours to devote to 
KStars, so I really can't divide my effort.

This is just for my situation though, I can totally understand how some app 
devs would jump at the opportunity to stop twiddling thumbs, if they've been 
waiting for a stable kdelibs4...

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