which compilers do we want to support with KDE 4 ?

Peter K├╝mmel syntheticpp at gmx.net
Sat Jan 21 15:28:55 GMT 2006


I'm a administrator of the Loki library,
a library created by Andrei Alexandrescu the author
of "Modern C++ Design".

Loki is a template library which uses nearly all features off

By trying to compile Loki with several versions of gcc I would
recommend you to only support gcc versions >=3.4, then you don't
have to fear that some heavy templated code will not compile.

And there is to reason to switch to 4.0 because of templates.

For the ms compilers I could say:
- msvc 8.0 (msvc 2005): no problems
- msvc 7.1 (msvc 2003): not all features are supported, but
                        the broken are very exotic.


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