which compilers do we want to support with KDE 4 ?

Olaf Jan Schmidt ojschmidt at kde.org
Sat Jan 21 12:41:18 GMT 2006

[ Albert Astals Cid ]
> Be a bit agressive now and ask for gcc 4.0.x or similar capable compilers
> for KDE 4.x because KDE 4 will be around for quite time (maybe 3 years?)
> And i'm sure in 3 years time noone will be even be using gcc 4.0.x so why
> should we keep supporting gcc 3.2?

All LSB 3.0-compliant distributions will need to ship Qt >= 4.1, compiled with 
gcc 3.4, because gcc 4.0 is not fully backwards compatible. If we want KDE 4 
to work on these systems, then we need to support gcc 3.4 as well.


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