K-Menu, XDG menus and Kiosk woes

Torsten Rahn torsten.rahn at credativ.de
Thu Jan 19 12:58:03 GMT 2006

To refine my answer:

> Part of the problem is a bug in kiosktool, for which a workaround exists:
>     http://lists.kde.org/?l=kde-kiosk&m=113510108123737&w=2

IMHO there is no bug in kiosktool as the specifications don't define a 

> Removing the XDG menu file also apparently helps in some cases:

I would recommend _not_ to remove the /etc/xdg/menu/kde-applications.menu as 
this will have the effect that all kiosk profiles created from scratch won't 
have the ability to inherit from each other. So while this workaround would 
make the profile "kind" of work it has some severe disadvantages later on.

> Reported troublesome distros are at least Mandriva, Gentoo, Fedora and
> Kubuntu. See these threads for some of the more recent occurrences:

Debian as well as Kubuntu shipped this patch which is guilty since KDE 3.4 
(Debian still does):


--- kde.orig/kded/kbuildsycoca.cpp
+++ kde.patched/kded/kbuildsycoca.cpp
@@ -379,7 +379,7 @@
      connect(g_vfolder, SIGNAL(newService(const QString &, KService **)),
              this, SLOT(slotCreateEntry(const QString &, KService **)));

-     VFolderMenu::SubMenu *kdeMenu = 
g_vfolder->parseMenu("applications.menu", true);
+     VFolderMenu::SubMenu *kdeMenu = 
g_vfolder->parseMenu("kde-applications.menu", true);

      KServiceGroup *entry = g_bsgf->addNew("/", kdeMenu->directoryFile, 0, 

I guess that other distributions do similar stuff. Just remove this patch from 
your sources and recompile and all your problems will disappear. If this is 
not possible follow the advice of my previous e-Mail.

> Also, Aaron, do you know if Kicker may be a troublemaker here? Jonathan, 

Kicker is not guilty ;-)

> Help is most appreciated.

Hope it helped.

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