[PATCH] Numbered Backups

Tom Albers tomalbers at kde.nl
Tue Jan 17 18:27:26 GMT 2006

Op dinsdag 17 januari 2006 00:37, schreef Allen Winter:
> Hi,
> Attached is a patch that provides numbered backups (eg. fred.~1~, fred.~2~,
> ..., fred.~N~, where N is limited, default=10) in the KSaveFile class.  It
> also renames the current backupFile() method to simpleBackupFile() and then
> provides a new backupFile() method that reads the user's global configfile
> for backup file parameters: the backup type, the backup extension, and the
> max number of backups.
> Thus we could extend to other file backup schemes later, if desired.
> An idea that would compliment this very well, and also provide a very cheap
> revision control method, is a File->Revert capability which works as our
> typical file selector dialog, but filters on the backup extension.
> For example, you are drawing in Krita.  You have 10 numbered backups of
> that drawing.  You totally screw-up and want to revert back to an older
> version.   Select File->Revert, and  file selection dialog pop-ups with all
> 10 backups listed.  If you have preview on, you could click each backup
> file, preview each drawing, then select which one you'd like to revert to. 
>  Click <OK>.  Click <Yes> are sure you want to revert?
> Anyhow, comments appreciated.

Hi Allen, 

I can not judge the code, but I know the digiKam team would welcome this 
addition. It would solve 'Too easy to save images' [1] for us in a KDE way. 

Some thoughts:
To save meta-data it would be nice if the host app would know something about 
this copy. Maybe some signal can do that, not sure.

It would be nice to be able to differentiate the backup scheme per 

It would be nice to be able to add the configuration of the scheme to an 


[1] http://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=103350
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