Big fix in KWiFiManager for 3.5.1

Stefan Winter swinter at
Mon Jan 16 17:06:21 GMT 2006


in the last time I received several bug reports about crashing KWiFiManager 
when scanning for networks. These are due to hard-to-control API calls in the 
code. I am already moving away from using this (fluctuative) API for KDE 4 by 
calling the command-line tool and parsing its output instead (way less 
efficient, but it's only invoked when the user actively pushes a button, no 
no regular polling).
Backporting this to 3.5 seems wise since later kernel and wireless tools 
versions get increasingly unhappy with the API calls, but putting it into 
3.5.1 would be very short before release, and the change couldn't be tested 
very well before releasing.
Are there any objections against such a last-minute fix? better wait until 
after tagging for 3.5.2? The parsing code is in 
trunk/kdenetwork/wifi/interface_wireless_wirelessextensions.* if someone's 
interested in the new code. The old one is in the branch at the same 


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