kdelibs (partial) todo list

Nicolas Goutte nicolasg at snafu.de
Mon Jan 16 08:14:23 GMT 2006

On Friday 13 January 2006 13:02, David Faure wrote:
> Laurent Montel just asked me today what he could do to help with kde4.

Perhaps it is only a detail, but KCharsets could be simplied even more by 
having only one list for the defined encoding list, like

"ISO 8859-15", I18N_NOOP("Western European, with Euro (ISO 8859-15)"),
"ISO 8859-1", I18N_NOOP("Western European, without Euro (ISO 8859-1)"),
"UTF-8", I18N_NOOP("Unicode, 8 bit (UTF-8)"),
"UTF-16", I18N_NOOP("Unicode, 16 bit (UTF-16)")

I think that a fully translated string is better than the current way of doing 
it (even if it means comparing to a list to find the encoding once the user 
has selected what he/she wants). The main advantage of such a detailed 
translation is that translators could give hints for encoding versus their 

But all this is only a detail and might not be the current priority in 

Have a nice day!

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