kdirwatch infinite dirty emitting

Ryan p0z3r at earthlink.net
Mon Jan 16 04:10:16 GMT 2006

It appears that the dirty() signal is now emitting repeatedly until 
SuperKaramba crashes.

SuperKaramba uses kdirwatch to watch changes on a file.  When a change occurs 
is fires its connected slot, which in our case causes SK to close the theme 
and reload the theme with the new file changes.

In our ctor is where we addFile and connect to the slot waiting for dirty().

I'm not sure why it keeps re-emitting the dirty() signal when we only change 
the file once, and I figured that someone would have more knowledge of kio 
than myself to look at this.

I did notice a change recently on the 10th to kdirwatch.cpp, but I'm not sure 
that it is related.  This used to work perfectly for the 3.5.0 release, but 
now in the last few weeks or so, this behavior has come about.

If you'd like to view our code, you can view 
kdeutils/superkaramba/src/karamba.cpp to see how we use KDirWatch.

Thanks for any insight into this.

Ryan Nickell

Software Engineer by day, SuperKaramba developer by night.

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