Kimageio removal

Szombathelyi Gy�rgy gyurco at
Sat Jan 14 14:44:09 GMT 2006


I removed kimageio from kdelibs trunk yesterday, now I've got a problem of 
converting some uses in kdebase.
Especially KImageIO::pattern() and KImageIO::mimeTypes() are problematic, 
since there's no such concept in QImageReader and QImageWriter. Qt only knows 
the "format", which can be e.g "jpg", "png", etc...
Now I see 2 options:
1. Restore KImageIO and the .kimgio files, which has the neccessary 
information, and clean up KImageIO
2. Add the Qt image format name to the mime database, e.g. with 
X-KDE-imageformat=jpg. Then new convenience function(s) can be added to 
kmimetype.h, e.g allImageFormats() or sth. else.

Option 1 is simplest, but .kimgio files store nearly the same data as the mime 
files, except the image format name.

Any opinions? (or other ideas?)


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