KSharedPtr changes

André Wöbbeking Woebbeking at onlinehome.de
Sat Jan 14 13:10:55 GMT 2006

Hi Michel,

On Saturday 14 January 2006 12:54, Michel Hermier wrote:
> Hi,
> I would like commit the attached patch (ksharedptr.h.diff).
> It does:
> - separate raw pointer operator from ksharedptr operators.
> - add a clear method to make the pointer null.
> - make the method attach only usable on raw pointer.
>   (since it's a *low level* method and that the operator = handle all
> the cases)
>   I still wonder if I should make that method a private/protected
> one.

I'd like to see boost::shared_ptr conform API as it will be in the next 
C++ standard.

> Other than that I would like to know the opinion of people if I make
> the main constructor an explicit one.

You've my vote.


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