Custom URI schemes & KDE

David Faure faure at
Sun Jan 8 17:36:11 GMT 2006

Please make sure to state in the document that those uri schemes are
for e.g. XML documents and applications, rather than for KIO [which uses
something like a prefix rather than a full namespace, in fact, in the xml sense].

If we're talking about XML, then what's the problem with doing it using w3c-like urls?
For instance in the OpenDocument support in KOffice, when we need to add
an attribute or element that is specific to koffice, we use the "koffice:" prefix,
and it maps to the following namespace:

This could very well be ",2005:KOffice:OpenDocument" instead,
which indeed looks a bit more like OpenDocument's own namespaces like
(Any reason why we should use tag: instead of urn:? Just wondering what's the difference)

Sorry for bringing KIO into the discussion. It was certainly a bad example of
where to apply such uri schemes; in particular because user-friendlyness
matters there (so short prefixes are needed), unlike in XML documents.

I agree with the use of tag: urns in xml documents, if you're saying this is
the recommended way. Too late for koffice though :(


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