Attention: trunk KHTML and KJS are -frozen-

George Staikos staikos at
Fri Jan 6 20:08:29 GMT 2006

As of today please consider trunk KHTML and KJS frozen for (up to) the next 4 
days so that we can stabilize it.  (At least most of) the KHTML developers 
are already aware that we have been working on converting KHTML to work with 
JavaScriptCore in a separate branch of kdelibs.  This work is roughly 
complete and we need to merge back to avoid forking too far, and it get 
regression testing back in order.  This weekend I (and hopefully a couple 
others) will work on merging the khtml and kjs changes into the kdelibs-js 
branch, and then dump the whole kjs and khtml subdirectories back into trunk.  
Don't be surprised if any changes during that period are lost, or that khtml 
is slightly unstable for a day or two.

For those curious, this will be, if I'm not mistaken, the largest "safari 
merge" to date and brings us very close to the point where we can share a 
common KJS codebase.  After we have merged everything, we can more easily 
start pulling snapshots of JavaScriptCore until we're completely caught-up.  
I have CVS commit access to webkit which will help facilitate the merging of 
our KJS patches upstream.  khtml/ is only indirectly affected at this time.  
I'll post more on the future of KJS as the details are worked out.

George Staikos
KDE Developer
Staikos Computing Services Inc.

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