kdelibs4_snapshot and KConfig

Szombathelyi Gy├Ârgy gyurco at freemail.hu
Fri Jan 6 10:33:59 GMT 2006

Any chance to get this in:


Thanks :)

David Faure wrote:
> Note to anyone porting code in trunk: better stay away from KConfig related calls
> (read*Entry in particular) until the next kdelibs4_snapshot update, which will happen
> next Monday (09-Jan). The KConfig API has been improved again since the last 
> snapshot, so please wait until porting deprecated calls (e.g. readNumEntry etc.).
> The next update will be Monday and not today so that the participants to the
> kde-pim meeting starting today won't have to spend the first afternoon
> recompiling kdelibs and kdepim :)
> The next update will also require porting all code using KFileItemListIterator,
> plus some KDialog/KDialogBase changes, and probably some other things
> done meanwhile.

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