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Fri Jan 6 00:56:08 GMT 2006

Frans Englich wrote:
>* I speak for URI solutions recommended by the URI community,
>which /impossibly/ can run into problems.
>* You pick up your crystal ball, starts predicting the future, and run
> your arguments for why cutting shortcuts won't lead to problems.
>I don't do the latter, I play safe. Especially in the case of KDE where
> things change radically from one day to another, and development can't
> be called very organized nor planned ahead, in my opinion.

Ok, let's see if we can compromise:

We use standard URNs and URIs for internal stuff, between an application 
and its plugins, etc. We'll have to investigate where modifications are 

In special, note QUrl is, unlike KURL, a URL class. We need an URI/URN 
class, which will probably be the new KUrl wrapper. (We can go ahead and 
call it KUri).

Finally, let me emphasize this: user-visible and especially user-typed 
protocols should NOT look "weird", despite being recommended or not. I 
don't care if we do some trickery behind the scenes when we see 
"media:/": we can see if media.protocol exists and, if not, try to load (or tag_kde.org_media.protocol, since : is not 
valid on Win32).

One further note: if we do this, we'll require ALL of our protocols to be 
"standardised" or be moved to a tag. One example is fish://: should we 
keep it, or should we internally map it and, through %u in .desktop 
files, tell applications to load ?

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