QT4 Progress for KDE (kdebase)

Gregory Hayes syncomm at gmail.com
Thu Jan 5 17:58:21 GMT 2006

For those helping out with the trunk migration to QT4, I just wanted to let
you know how well we have done so far and what big items are left to

QT4 Conversion Progress for KDE (kdebase):
98.8 % Converted (45361 of 45912 files)
551 Files Remaining

Top Q3 Occurrences:
85 ./kioslave/man/man2html.cpp
61 ./konqueror/iconview/konq_iconview.cc
51 ./libkonq/konq_iconviewwidget.cc
47 ./workspace/kcontrol/infocenter/info/opengl.cpp
43 ./workspace/kdesktop/kdiconview.cc
41 ./workspace/kcontrol/kxkb/kcmlayout.cpp
40 ./workspace/kcontrol/infocenter/info/info.cpp
38 ./workspace/kcontrol/infocenter/info/info_fbsd.cpp
37 ./workspace/kpersonalizer/keyecandypage.cpp
33 ./workspace/ksysguard/gui/SensorBrowser.cc

If these reports are helpful I can send them out weekly for the various
components. Let me know!

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