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Thu Jan 5 05:09:52 GMT 2006

> > > In practice, even with identical versions of GCC, you'd find that many
> > > Linux distributions break the libstdc++ ABI.
> >
> > Please be specific. Which distribution did break the ABI when and with
> > which version of GCC?
> Debian and derivatives (some of which have since resolved this), Gentoo,
> and potentially --- I did not have direct testing access to any of those,
> so this is indirect based on googling of diffs --- some of RH/Fedora
> systems, for some periods of time (likely to be reverted now). GCC version
> is 4.0.x. The issue is use of an incompatible default allocator for the
> STL, which implies that if two dynamically linked objects were built on
> systems with and w/o a change, and they pass an STL container around (think
> of a function returning a vector --- aRts has those), destruction will
> crash.
> Mandriva and SUSE are compatible with FSF GCC.

Nasty. Thanks for providing the specifics.

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