readEntry and booleans

David Faure faure at
Wed Jan 4 08:45:45 GMT 2006

On Wednesday 04 January 2006 02:24, Thomas Braxton wrote:
> As far as I can tell this member template fixes everything
> template <typename T> T readEntry(key, const T&) const
> This seems to work, I ran unsermake check on kdecore and it passes.
> The only problem seems to be, all uses of QVariant::Bool/Int must be replaced 
> & toInt()/toBool() must be replaced to compile. All in all I think the code 
> looks a lot cleaner. You pass in a bool and you get out a bool, so code that 
> looked like this
> if (sc.readEntry(key, QVariant::Bool).toBool())
> now looks like this
> if (sc.readEntry(key, false))

Thanks for that fix. Too bad that we updated the snapshot before it though,
it means we'll have to port the readEntry lines in the other modules twice...

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