Aaron J. Seigo aseigo at kde.org
Tue Jan 3 01:43:07 GMT 2006

hi ...

after noticing a few bugs related to lack of tilde expansion in file selection 
boxes, it seems that people are (reasonably) expecting KURL::fromPathOrURL to 
do this for them.

seeing as KShell::tildeExpand is fast, i'd like to apply the patch below to 
KURL and then remove the now-unecessary tildeExpand's from kdelibs/base. was 
there a reason fromPathOrURL doesn't tildeExpand?

Index: kdecore/kurl.cpp
--- ../../kdecore/kurl.cpp      (revision 492760)
+++ ../../kdecore/kurl.cpp      (working copy)
@@ -2369,7 +2369,7 @@
     if ( !text.isEmpty() )
         if (!QDir::isRelativePath(text))
-            url.setPath( text );
+            url.setPath( KShell::tildeExpand( text ) );
             url = text;

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