Custom URI schemes & KDE

David Faure faure at
Mon Jan 2 15:49:18 GMT 2006

On Monday 02 January 2006 15:34, Frans Englich wrote:
> Here's how the discussion can be summed up so far:

* You make up a policy to solve a problem that doesn't exist

You haven't answered my question: ok, so kmymoney defined *internally* a protocol
named sql, and you find that dirty. So? Did any actual bug result from it, or could have
resulted from it? I still lack a description of the problem that you're trying to fix.

> And I ask what I did previously: what is your point?
Un-necessary complication.

> I want to get somewhere: clear objections to why the document should not end 
> up on DKO, or suggestion on changes.
The objection is clear IMHO: this is un-necessary complication since it doesn't
solve any practical problem.
If it does, then the document isn't clear enough about that.

> Because specific KIO examples doesn't interest me much; we can switch to 
> examples in more XML-hardcore applications. And the DOM 3 Core DOMError 
> example still stands, btw.
I lack context to understand that one.

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