[Patch] More on KDialog

Olivier Goffart ogoffart at kde.org
Mon Jan 2 12:30:36 GMT 2006


After all the discussion, here is a new patch.
It let the KJanusWidget in KDialogBase.

So buttons handling, size handling, and some common stuff are moved to 
And one can add easily a single widget with KDialog::setMainWidget  (the 
common case IMO)

If one want one of the possibility that KJanusWidget offer, KDialogBase is 
still required
(maybe it should be renamed to KJanusDialog)

So if people want to implement stuff based on QAbstractModel , this could be 
done in a dialog that inherit KDialog

Anyway, KDialogBase (KJanusDialog) is not really usefull since it is easy to 

KDialog *dialog= new KDialog( this  , "caption");
KJanusWidget *janus=new KJanusWidget( dialog , ... )
janus->addPage( .... )  // like if janus is the KDialogBase

(this is what do KDialogBase internaly in that patch)

Ok to commit ?
(it need still to be polished, but i'd like to commit to not resolve conflict 

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