KDE-QT4 plugins

Szombathelyi György gyurco at freemail.hu
Mon Jan 2 08:57:42 GMT 2006

Oh, sorry for the noise, I found that QT_PLUGIN_PATH env variable will 
does the trick.

However, the imageplugins thing still standing.

Szombathelyi György wrote:
> Hi!
> I'd like to ask how to add the path of the Qt plugins from KDE to the 
> base Qt installation. The old method (which added the path to qtrc file 
> in .qt seems to not work). Browsing the Qt docs, the path should be 
> added with QCoreApplication::addLibraryPath ( 
> http://doc.trolltech.com/4.1/qcoreapplication.html#addLibraryPath ), but 
> this means that:
> - It should be called from KApplication with the KDE path
> - KDE plugins will not be available in Qt-only apps
> - What about designer plugins?
> Also found the docs for qt.conf, but it's not searched in standard 
> places (e.g in .qtrc).
> Last word: as I see now the KImgIO plugins converted to Qt's imageformat 
> plugins, should't they installed in plugins/imageformats?
> Happy new year,
> György

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