platform independent kdeinit/klauncher (was KDE4's IPC)

Koos Vriezen koos.vriezen at
Sun Jan 1 19:29:16 GMT 2006

On 28 oecember 2005 16:36 Thiago Macieira wrote:
> nf2 wrote:
> >I think the design of kio-slaves is problematic anyway, because
> >IO-slaves are single-threaded and can't handle multiple clients at
> >once.
> This is not a problem. That's how they were designed.
> Besides, they are multi-threaded. At least the name resolution (DNS) 
> happens in a multi-threaded manner.

May I add that it's perfectly possible to handle multible clients in a
single threaded app. Quite recent I build such an app for industrial
control, having multible socket connections (client and server), serial
connections and pipes for local inter process communications that all
come and go. And it runs since last summer, never had a problem report
about this yet.
The trick is using select() with filedescriptors all having non-blocking
set. Which of course requirers better buffer handling for
reading/writing and a two step connect(). Not using DNS btw., but by using
timeouts, it could be done as well I guess.
(because this app runs in SCREEN on an ipc, I had to set non-blocking on
the stdout/stderr as well for when scrolling back)


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