[PATCH] Add a removeDir function to KDE 3.5.x

Thiago Macieira thiago at kde.org
Tue Feb 28 14:58:30 GMT 2006

Nicolas Goutte wrote:
>> >As for KDE4, should be makeDir be moved too?
>> No. For KDE4, use QDir stuff. If you don't find an equivalent (I don't
>> think there is an equivalent of "rm -rf" there), let me know.
>Sure, it would be the best that QDir could remove a non-empty directory,
> but cannot. (As written, it is Qt Issue N104800 and the wish was
> refused,)

The reason it was rejected is that it's a liability. That much is true.

So, isn't it a liability to provide such a function in KDE?

>If the removeDir function has to be done with QDir, it will be probably
>slower, as QDir filters, sorts and so on. (I am not even sure if QDir
> can handle hidden files.)

That's an orthogonal problem to the issue at hand. We're aware of the 
slowness in the file engine and will fix that soon.

Aside from that, the task is the same: one has to list the items in the 
dir and recurse over to subdirs.

>As for makeDir, there is not a direct equivalent either, as the one of
> KDE sets the permissions too (something that QDir cannot do and in
>QFile::Permissions there is the warning: "This behavior might change in
> a future Qt version.")

Set the umask if you want to set permissions in the dirs.

And you're quoting documentation out of context. It says the different 
platforms have differing behaviours regarding the concept of "User". The 
warning is there because on Windows we can get the information about the 
user easily, while on Unix it isn't so: the warning is there because we 
want to fix that.

Aside from that, yes, it does look like a setPermissions in QDir is 
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