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as a heads up to everyone working on KDE, i'm forwarding this message on. done 
right, DDC could actually be somewhat useful and important in making some 
decisions for the desktop in the coming year, much as the kernel summit does 
for the linux kernel.

both waldo and i are on the committee for paper selection (and we may have a 
posters area too).

if you are working on something that you think is important in one of the 
areas below, or on something that you think ought to be talked about amongst 
the broader open source desktop community, please consider prepping to submit 
a paper (or poster, if we do that).

i really can't stress the importance of these kinds of events when it comes to 
ensuring that we raise awareness of our needs and get them met.

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Subject: [Desktop_architects] Summits at Desktop Developers Conference in 
Date: Sunday 26 February 2006 16:49
From: "Bastian, Waldo" <waldo.bastian at intel.com>
To: desktop_architects at osdl.org
Cc: Barton C Massey <bart at cs.pdx.edu>, "Andrew J. Hutton" <ajh at finux.org>

As a result of desktop architects meeting in december of last year, OSDL
DTL is assisting with the organisation of three dedicated summits around
printing, wireless and power management in April 2006. In order to
maintain the momentum that has been created with these efforts OSDL DTL
is currently working together with the organizers of the Desktop
Developers Conference (DDC) in Ottawa, July 17-18, to have summits
associated with this event as well.

The current proposal is to expand the two days of DDC with a third day
dedicated to summits around three different topics. Summit participants
will be encouraged to give a presentation during one of the first two
days while the third day will be dedicated to working sessions.

Currently three preliminary topics for these summits have been
* Linux on laptops: Including hardware support, wireless, power
management, docking support, external display and high level aspects
such as roaming support.
* The 3D Linux Desktop: 3D support affects the X server, window manager,
compositing manager and desktop applications. How does it all fit
together? How can 3D be used to improve the end user experience?
* Sound and multimedia: Hardware support, multimedia frameworks and

Some other suggestions for topics that have been received include:
* Usability
* Accessability
* Follow up to Portland initiative

The DDC organisation will decide by Friday, March 3 on the topics for
the summits and would like to hear your opinion on the preliminary
topics and/or additional topic suggestions before that time. You can do
so by replying to this e-mail on the desktop architects mailinglist. In
particular we are looking for topics that would benefit from increased
collaboration between different projects/organisations.

Note that there is a second desktop architects meeting (DAM-2) planned
for May 8-9 in France, if a topic doesn't get selected for DDC there is
the potential to address it at the DAM-2. Note also that it will be
possible to give individual presentation during DDC on topics outside
the predetermined topic areas.

Waldo Bastian
Linux Client Architect - Channel Platform Solutions Group
Intel Corporation - http://www.intel.com/go/linux
OSDL DTL Tech Board Chairman


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