Scripty: conversion of kdelibs and kdebase done

Nicolas Goutte nicolasg at
Thu Feb 23 12:29:08 GMT 2006

I have finished to convert the kdelibs and kdebase KDE4 modules to use the scripts instead of the "messages" targets of files.

The are unmodified for now, so that you can (counter-)check the 

I have also added a I18N section to the porting file:

I have made Scripty independent of the and files, 
so it should continue to work if the KDE build system is changed for kdelibs 
and kdebase.

Note: the scripts can work for all KDE4 modules. You can mix 
"messages" targets and scripts in one module. (Of course, not in 
the same directory. In that case, the script has the priority.)

Have a nice day!

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