A look at GNOME 2.14, comparison to KDE

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Wed Feb 22 21:14:10 GMT 2006

Salı 21 Şubat 2006 19:23 tarihinde, Aaron J. Seigo şunları yazmıştı: 
> On Monday 20 February 2006 15:29, Christian Loose wrote:
> > Aaron J. Seigo schrieb:
> > > this is a reason, not an excuse. the design should not drive the
> > > interface to look bad, and it does not need to. but it is fair and
> > > rational to understand that it's not a matter of doing
> > > setFrameStyle(QFrame::None); in a few place and boingo! things are
> > > better.
> >
> > Not? :)
> >
> > The attached patch removes the inner frame from the built-in listviews.
> > IMHO with at least the Plastik style the separation
> > between view and statusbar is good enough without the frame.
> close, but this is not a good solution IMHO. why? because other parts add a
> frame in there still and is still ends up looking like crap.
> the obvious answer is, "change this in all the parts!"
> but this doesn't work very well because parts, being plugins, are scattered
> hither and yon. good luck finding them all, and enjoy the time spent doing
> all that work. moreover, loaded in other contexts (e.g. not in konqueror's
> main window) some of those parts may look better with a frame and
> application developers have probably come to rely on that frame being
> there.
> the "proper" fix (for KDE3) is probably to fix this within konqueror's main
> window... which leads us down a very windy little path in konq's codebase
> to KonqViewFactory in kdebase/konqueror/konq_factory.cpp
> patch is attached. i'd like to commit this to both the 3.5 and kde4
> branches (ergo the CC to kde-core-devel for comment)
> so as i originally noted, it is certainly possible to do but it takes a
> good amount of time. i've spent a bit over an hour working on this to
> arrive at this stupid little patch, and that's just one bevel in one
> (admittedly very important) application.
> and still it's a hack! it would be really nice to allow one to define how
> the widget provided by a KPart should frame and otherwise present itself.
> something for KDE4, perhaps?

Also, is there a way to fix the ugly frame that shows up when you hover 
turning globe icon ( the throbber ) ? Seems to be because its a QToolButton ?

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