Date/time class changes to handle extended date ranges

R.F. Pels ruurd at
Mon Feb 20 13:20:45 GMT 2006

On Monday 20 February 2006 12.15, David Faure wrote:

> Yes, go on until KAction and its relation to QAction (which was developed
> later on) : there is no relation between the two, except at a very high
> conceptual level. So the argument doesn't work.

At which point I say that that is the level from which newcomers start to 
operate. I did not maintain it is a hard-and-fast rule. It /is/ a pattern 
that quite quickly emerges.

> However Ruurd has a point: it would make sense that all KDate* widgets can
> actually work with KDate objects. If the APIs are similar then it shouldn't
> be too difficult to port them to KDate (and assuming there's a KDate(const
> QDate&) constructor, passing QDates to those widgets would still work.

I think we're trumped by:

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