Removing aRts

Daniel Molkentin molkentin at
Fri Feb 17 09:44:40 GMT 2006

Am Donnerstag 16 Februar 2006 20:34 schrieb Christian Schoenebeck:
> What would that be? IMO the default audio server should be JACK, because
> its the most ambitious sound server regarding RT stability and flexibility
> (routing) and its already de facto standard for all serious sound and music
> applications on Linux.

This is exactly _not_ going to happen. Phonon is a convinience API for KDE
that will allow arbitrary multimedia systems as a backend. From what I 
understood when talking to Matthias, it is also not designed to fullfill the 
needs of "professional" multimedia application but rather focused on the use 
by the average user.

So you can write your JACK-backend, but don't expect that everyone has the 
desired to route my AmaroK-Output around in funny ways. I for one am a lucky 
bastard if I once can download/buy a linux distribution where multimedia 
"just works". Patents are enough of a problem here already so let's not build 
up further barricades.


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