moving iceauth from kdelibs/win to dcop

Ralf Habacker ralf.habacker at
Thu Feb 16 20:03:36 GMT 2006

Hi all,

while working on the KDE4 buildsystem we recognized an dependency issue 
on windows.

kdelibs/win/iceauth is used on windows by dcop and requires the KDE-ICE 
library, which is currently linked into libDCOP.
Because kdelibs/win contains many functions, which are required in the 
main kdelibs configure process, kdelibs/win must be build before, but 
kdelibs/win/iceauth couldn't be build before because libDCOP (or at 
least KDE-ICE) isn't be build. iceauth does not really require libDCOP, 
it only requires KDE-ICE.

For this problem moving win/iceauth into dcop/iceauth and - on windows - 
build first dcop/KDE-ICE as shared library and use it in libDCOP and 
iceauth seems to be the best solution.

Are there any objections about this ?


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