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William A. Hoffman billlist at
Tue Feb 14 13:36:43 GMT 2006

At 06:02 AM 2/14/2006, Adriaan de Groot wrote:

>"Hey, that's neat! are these kitware folk (er, that would be William?) committed to providing this dashboard indefinitely? For multiple branches? Have they got instructions on how to submit builds?"

Cool!  I am glad you like it!   We can host the dashboard for as long as you need.
The tools are open source, so if you want you can move the dashboard to one of your servers,
but Kitware will be happy to host it as long as you need.  What we do not have is the
machines to do the actual builds.  If you find this useful, then I would hope that kde developers
will volunteer machines for nightly and continuous builds. 

>For instructions on how to submit builds, it's as simple as "make Experimental",
>and since it's opensource you can certainly find out what that does at the lower
>level - where did you get any paranoiac idea about lock-in?
>The instructions Alex posted were CMake-specific; does this mean that unsermake-based builds support this as well? I'm just not *sure*, and dicking with build systems three times a day is not my idea of a good time.

The setup is CMake specific.   

For simple experimental builds, a make Experimental, or make Nightly will work,
but this requires that cmake has already been run.  To generate a dashboard from a clean
build tree each night ctest scripts are usually used.  They can be used cross platform,
and run from cron or scheduled tasks on windows.

For some documentation, see the cmake wiki:

The best way to set up a nightly or continuous build is to create a cmake script
that drives the test.   The scripts used for driving the test can be found on
the dashboard itself.  If you look at the Build Name column you can see a small
page icon, that is a link to a notes page for the build.   If you click on the note,
it shows the script used to run the dashboard.

For example, the nightly builds on the machine andoria is here:

 5  21   *   *   * /home/Dashboards/dotests > /home/Dashboards/tests.log

The script dotests, contains something like this:

echo "Do kde"
~/vtk/kde/CMake-build/bin/ctest -S ~/Dashboards/DashboardScripts/andoria_kde.cmake -V 

The continuous build is done with this script:

The cron entry for that looks like this:
0 8 * * * /home/andy/vtk/kde/CMake-build/bin/ctest -S /home/andy/Dashboards/DashboardScripts/andoria_kde_cont.cmake -V > /home/andy/Dashboards/kde-cont.log 2>&1

So, all we need now is a few volunteers that have some idle CPU time at night, or even during
the day.


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